Short Term Loan (revolving)

  • FAS Finance & Investment Ltd. offers Short Term Loan to meet working capital requirements in carrying out day-to-day business operations.

  • Features of the product:

  • Facility purpose : to meet working capital or execute work order.
    Tenure : 1 year
    Drawdown : revolving within the tenure.
    Mode of repayment : Interest to be paid monthly or quarterly on the outstanding amount. Any amount of principal can be adjusted and redrawn within the limit during the tenure.

    Collateral to secure the finance is not mandatory in FFIL. Rather the type and mode of security depends on (i) the nature, experience and performance of the business (ii) past track record of the sponsor(s) and (iii) the amount of financial facility to be enjoyed. Types of security may be either of as follows (but not limited to):

    • Personal Guarantee of the Sponsor Directors.
    • Collateral securities like: land, building etc.
    • Post Dated Cheques
    • Assignment of Bill (if applicable)
    • Charge documents as per formal of FFIL.
    • FAS Finance offers its clients competitive interest rates at simple terms against these facilities