Code of conduct & Professional Ethics

Individuals acting in a professional capacity take on an additional burden of ethical responsibility. For example, professional associations have codes of ethics that prescribe required behavior within the context of a professional practice such as medicine, law, accounting or engineering. These written codes provide rules of conduct and standards of behavior based on the principles of Professional Ethics, which include:

Objectivity and Independence

The principle of our objectivity imposes the obligation to be impartial, intellectually honest and free of conflicts of interest. Independence precludes relationships that may appear to impair a member's objectivity in rendering attestation services. Our members often serve multiple interests in many different capacities and must demonstrate their objectivity in varying circumstances. Members in public practice render attest, tax, and management advisory services. Other members prepare financial statements in the employment of others, perform internal auditing services, and serve in financial and management capacities in industry, education and government. They also educate and train those who aspire to admission into the profession. Regardless of service or capacity, our members are protecting the integrity of their work, maintain objectivity and avoid any subordination of their judgment.

Due diligence / Duty of care

Our members also have a continuing responsibility to cooperate with each other to improve the art of accounting, maintain the public's confidence and carry out the profession's special responsibilities for self-governance. The collective efforts of all members are required to maintain and enhance the traditions of the profession.

Integrity/ Confidentiality

To maintain and broaden public confidence, members of our Company performs all professional responsibilities with the highest sense of integrity.

The Public Interest

The members of our company have accepted the obligation to act in a way that will serve the public interest, honor the public trust and demonstrate commitment to professionalism.

Scope and Nature of Services

Members of our Company in public practice are observing the Principles of the Code of Professional Conduct in determining the scope and nature of services to be provided.