Portfolio Management

FCML offers a wide range of portfolio management services for both individual and institutional clients and provide margin loan facilities to the client if required. FCML designed different types of products aiming to serve all groups of investors based on their needs through combining our expertise of highly experienced and skilled portfolio management and research team. Research team is constantly observing the capital market and collecting information to assure correct investment decision making support to the management and our valued investors. FCML treat portfolio management service as one of the most important functions of our merchant bank and distinctively categorized into 2 (Two) types of accounts considering the current demands of the client:

FCML Investor’s Discretionary Account (FIDA):

In which, the investor will manage the account by his/her sole discretion and decision. The account holder will be responsible for bearing the risk and returns of the account or his/ her investment. FAS will provide only advisory, research service, custodial and record keeping services on behalf of the account holder.

FCML Discretionary Account (FDA):

This type of the accounts will be managed by a trained professional group of FCML on behalf of the account holder based on the investor’s investment objectives. FCML will design the portfolio in such a way which will maintain the given risk and return profile of the investor. A proficient management committee comprising of experienced, qualified and skilled professionals backed by fullfledged research unit will monitor and manage the portfolio.