Personal Loan for Professionals

Personal loan scheme is applicable for professionals only (doctors, engineers, architects, IT professionals, service holders in different corporations or multinational companies, management consultants etc.) to support their small scale purchase of different equipment, tools and small machineries for installation at their business sites / offices.

  • 1.Loan Feature
    • Loan amount Tk. 50,000.00 to Maximum Tk.10,00,000.00
    • Repayment tenure Minimum 1 year to Maximum 5 years
    • Payment method- Equal Monthly Installments
    • Competitive interest rate
    • No early settlement & partial adjustment fees
    • No hidden cost.

  • 2.Eligibility
    • Age limit: Minimum 25 years, Maximum 65 years at loan maturity
    • Minimum income Tk 20,000.00 per month
    • For salaried individual, must be confirmed employees of a relevant firm. For self-employed individual, a business record of minimum 2 years.