Job Vacancies

Sorry, no job openings currently available.

Recruitment Process

FAS continues to offer a challenging career prospect for the fresh graduates and professionals from the industry. Our goal is to attract, retain and motivate the most competent people, while maintaining high standards in our recruitment process. Opportunities for Fresh Graduates Like other local financial institutions, we recruit Fresh Graduates from leading business schools as Management Trainees every year, as well as on other entry-level posts.

Placement Opportunities

FAS is keen to provide both vertical and lateral growth opportunities to deserving employees as per our business needs, objectives and long-term strategies. These strategies and objectives are reflected in the recruitment process at different levels.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

Our Human Resource personnel advertise job vacancies both internally and externally as per requirements of the position. Any interested applicant should evaluate his/her eligibility to be considered for any particular position in light of the following major criteria:

  • Role Profile
  • Key Responsibilities
  • Merits
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Required Experience (as and where applicable)
  • Additional Skill Requirements


  • Premier Finance Institution in the country.
  • A consistent high growth rate over the past 36 years that has provided ample learning opportunities to young professionals to grow with the company, enabling many to become functional heads, regional managers, branch managers and service center heads, among other senior level positions.
  • Open and informal culture where we value integrity, commitment, teamwork and excellence in customer service.
  • A ‘Learning by Doing’ philosophy which encourages decision making as well as skill building.
  • A focus on ‘long term creation of wealth’ of our employees

Compensation & Reward

FAS Finance is a performance-driven organization, where career development opportunities are completely based on the merit and performance of our employees. Our employees enjoy a competitive compensation package at FAS Finance.
Our performance appraisal process evaluates our employees twice a year, and we have in place a strictly performance-based reward system.
FAS Finance never fails to recognize the efforts of people who want to make a difference. On top of annual performance bonus, we give "Spot Awards" to those of our colleagues who have the spirit to take on new challenges and who have contributed significantly in areas outside their regular responsibilities. Recently following employees have been recognized with spot awards for their contribution in different categories.

Work Environment

At FAS Finance, we appreciate effective internal communications and free flow of ideas, creativity and innovation, fairness, commitment, teamwork and highest standards of professional excellence and integrity.

Equal Opportunities for All
We are committed to maintain a positive environment in our workplace, free from any discrimination in terms of gender, age, race, religion, creed or any other criteria. We ensure equal opportunities for all in terms of recruitment, selection, promotion, training, development and rewards.

Positive Working Environment We strive to maintain a friendly and respectful environment at all times that motivates our employees to give their best and contribute to their full potential.

We have created an environment of trust and support within the organization to enable everyone to work together as a team, while at the same time encourage individuals to be innovative and creative within their own roles. Our Senior Management is accessible at all times to provide guidance when required, and encourage ideas that contribute to business performance and continuous improvement. We are proud to state that our favorable job responsibilities, comfortable working environment and adequate maternity benefit policies are gradually increasing the number of female members in our FAS Finance family.